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Logan Fulcher


           Known to some by the internet moniker "Freed in Pieces," he is an artist composed of a million shards - he is the sum of everyone he has met plus a thousand hobbies.  At any given time, he could be creating a board game, break dancing, studying Japanese, scrawling manic poetry, painting an abstract maze of colors, bending wire into the outline of a face, molding cute mushrooms from clay, or speedily cutting delicate pieces of magazine for a collage; he has recently ventured out into webpage design and entreprenuerialism... keep your eyes out for more. In this barrage of activity, while most would become overwhelemed by the frenetic machine-gun focus, he is able to span vast mediums of creativity and professional fields.  For him, creativity is not just an artistic characteristic, it is a lifestyle.


           Logan Fulcher currently resides in Tokyo, Japan, is happily married, and is enjoying urban life.  He is a professional full-time artist/teacher/student/designer, and part-time amatuer dancer/priest/youtube director/terrible bowler and the list will be extended indefinitely.  He hails from the midwestern United States, but left for existential reasons in 2010.  


           He loves you.  Thanks for visiting this page.

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