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Photography so unreal you won't believe it's not a painting.  Click on the image below for a closer look and open up your imaginations.

Found Worlds are made for people that stare at the clouds and see the dragons, castles, and hearts.  These images are for the people who find faces among rock formations, patterns in leaves, and figures in marble.   This is for the people that don't see what something is, but what it could be.  NONE of the pieces you are seeing are paintings, they are unaltered digitally-mastered photographs.  Included with each Found World is a brief artistic narrative meant to accompany the image as a window into the photographers imagination; before reading the narrative, it is advised that the viewer create their own mental story for each Found World first.  

Monkeys and Sun Gods
The Zaj Mahal
BubbleGum Factory
Flying a Kite
Demonic Tutor
Two Villas
Hot Air Balloon Omen
At the Summit
Winter Sentinel
The Initiation
Plymouth Rock
Skulking Ghost
Mt. Koya
Shibuya City
Nebraskan Hay Field
Clouds Watching Cranes
Penang Valley
Couple Watching Fireworks


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