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Why I Haven't Updated This Site in Forever

So, for the handful of people that may have seen this website, thank you for visiting: Mom, Karl, maybe Eli and about two others. I appreciate the support. I plan on completely overhauling the site towards the end of the year and giving it the TLC it deserves. However, I have been very busy working on new different type of art project, if you could call it that. I recently became a business owner! Yeehaw! I started in March, 2016, and it has been the focus of all my energy and hard work. It's a company that sells LED lights for growing plants - typically indoors. I feel that the indoor growing industry is going to get big in the next few years (I should say bigger - it's already huge,) and it's related to an industry and cause I care deeply about. Ultimately, I'm hoping that this company will give me the freedom to spend more time making and promoting my art work, which is another thing I'm truly passionate about. Until then, don't expect many updates. But when they come, it will be a tsunami of them. is your one stop shop for the cheapest LEDs online!  All lights come with insurance, tax free, free shipping, and a gift - on the house.

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